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Overhead view of Transit Square

The future of the VMC

​The planning, infrastructure and policy framework for the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) is well underway. Over the past several years, a number of plans and studies have been completed that provide a vision for transformation of the downtown into a vibrant, transit-oriented and sustainable centre. These plans build on each other to provide a framework for growth, implementation and activation of the VMC.

VMC Secondary Plan

The VMC Secondary Plan outlines and defines the elements that will make up the VMC – transit-oriented, walkable, accessible, diverse, vibrant, green and beautiful.

Edgeley Pond and Park

Edgeley Pond and Park is the largest open space and City-owned piece of land in the VMC. Located at the northeast corner of Highway 7 and Jane Street, the proposed improvements to the area will accommodate development in the VMC.

VMC Utility Master Plan

The VMC Utility Master Plan (PDF) is fundamental to support the VMC’s full build-out and implementation. The plan ensures that utilities and infrastructure are adequately designed, integrated and co-ordinated with the downtown’s new public realm.

VMC Parking Strategy

The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) Parking Strategy will help the City manage parking within the downtown core. The objective of the strategy is to develop a plan with immediate short- and long-term solutions that support continued investment in the VMC, while laying the foundation for fundamental changes in land-use and travel habits.

Cultural Framework Study and Public Art Policy

The Cultural Framework Plan will foster creativity and innovation in shaping an authentic downtown for Vaughan that builds a sense of pride for the City and its people. The City-Wide Public Art Program will guide the development and/or acquisition of public art and cultural products to enhance the City’s image and identity across its dynamic and diverse communities.

VMC Urban Design Guidelines

The Urban Design Guidelines will shape development in the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, the City’s new downtown. The guidelines will promote high-quality design excellence and support the urban vision for the VMC as outlined in the Secondary Plan.

Community Improvement Plan (CIP) for the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre

The intent of the CIP Study is to designate a Community Improvement Plan Project area for the VMC and other intensification areas; and propose a package of financial tools that will most effectively attract office development and support the City’s economic development and employment goals for the VMC.

VMC Streetscape + Open Space Plan

The VMC Streetscape + Open Space Plan will define and communicate a strong visual identity for the City’s new downtown.

VMC Reconnaissance and Strategic Assessment

The City hired Live Work Learn Play Inc. (LWLP) as its “Development Facilitator” – a team to support Vaughan’s city-building efforts in the VMC. Beginning work in October 2014, and as the first part of its mandate, LWLP has developed a Reconnaissance and Strategic Assessment (PDF) report in order to establish a baseline of consensus and direction from which to move forward.

VMC Servicing Strategy Master Plan Class Environmental Assessment Study

This study assesses the municipal servicing improvements and/or modifications to the stormwater, water and wastewater services that will be required to implement the development objectives outlined in the VMC Secondary Plan.

Transportation Master Plan

The Transportation Master Plan supports the population and employment growth projected in the City’s Official Plan.